25/6’14 – After a period of almost a month without hot water, now central Bishkek is in for a month with no gas available. While for households this is more bearable than living with cold showers, in particular restaurants might have trouble serving their customers properly – especially with the take-off of the tourist season. “As part of preparation for autumn and winter season 2014-2015 the Kyrgyz gas company plans to cut off gas from 1 July 2014 to 1 August 2014 in the center of Bishkek necessary for repair works,” AKIpress [] reports. “The repair works will be carried out in the area of Leo Tolstoy, Gogol, Beishenaliyeva, Jibek Jolu streets.” In a separate report, 24.kg [http://www.eng.24.kg/bishkek24/171161-news24.html] explains the necessity as clarified by the municipal gas company. “Natural gas in central part of Bishkek will be shut off for a month, the press service of Kyrgyzgas OJSC reported. It is noted that in preparation for autumn-winter period repair works will be held from July 1 to August 1. Gas will be cut off in: Tolstoy, Beishenaliyeva, Gogol Streets and Zhibek Zholy Avenue. Kyrgyzgas OJSC explained to 24.kg news agency that it is impossible to carry out repairs on separate sites, therefore natural gas in the area will be cut off for a month.” The most dangerous moment, though, comes when the gas is going to be reconnected. In places where gas taps are not properly shut, the danger of explosions exist as soon as somebody lights a match…


Area within which no gas will be available through the month of July  (source: AKIpress)