Month: August 2014

Kyrgyzstan: Striving to Protect Snow Leopards

“It’s more than just tying a camera to a rock,” said Koustubh Sharma, instructing conservationists in Kyrgyzstan how to monitor snow leopards with motion-triggered photo and video “traps.” Sharma, a 36-year-old Indian zoologist, has studied the endangered cats in Mongolia’s Southern Gobi region since 2007. His presentation was part of a recent workshop in Bishkek, when Kyrgyz government officials and leading scientists met with representatives of several international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to discuss coordinating efforts to count snow leopard populations in the country, and the wider region. It is no easy task. Snow leopards have earned the moniker “the...

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Kto Posledni? … Who’s Last?

It all stared when the American told how he had been joined the queue and was about to be served, when a young lady, (completely ignoring the line of people waiting patiently for the opportunity to place their order), and walked straight up to the counter and started to recite what she wanted. Before he had time to summon up the courage to give vent to his indignation (and work out exactly how to say it in Russian – or Kyrgyz), the man behind him, (another American), did so – in what sounded like perfect Russian: “Oi, there’s a queue! … and your place is there, at the end of it!”

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Night of Spanish Culture (Saturday)

¡Olé! Friends of Spain !!! Want to learn more about this wonderful and extraordinary country? Want to meet new interesting people and spend good Saturday night? We invite you to our thematic party: Spanish Culture: Part One – ¡Flamenco! There will be plenty of music, dancing, sangria and tapas !!! All are welcome !!! The event will be held on 23 August 2014. Café “Меланж” “Melanzh”(Red center, 3rd floor). Starting at 7 pm. Sign 200som (1 sangria as welcome drink). The event is held on the initiative of flamenco project...

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Banking in Kyrgyzstan: “real” banks versus credit sellers

Glamorous brand new buildings, glossy advertising campaigns and sexy image-building are the most visible features of Kyrgyzstan’s fledgling banking sector today. The country has liquidated a number of troubled banks, thereby avoiding the costly bail-out operations which have left neighbouring Kazakhstan’s banking sector in persistent limbo. It means a fresh start, but legislators are struggling to keep regulations at pace with the banking sector’s growth, in particular in the face of tough competition from micro-finance firms which are also mushrooming in the country. “Banks in Kyrgyzstan face numerous challenges beyond the accessibility problems caused by the country’s mountainous terrain....

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Embattled Australian mining company strikes gold in Kyrgyzstan

With the Kumtor issue still in limbo, other miners are keen on positioning themselves in Kyrgyzstan in order to provide a counterweight to Centerra’s dominant place within the country’s economy. An encouraging sign that there is life after Kumtor came last week with the discovery of a new gold field by an Australian miner, formerly known as Robust but now operating under the name Tengri Resources. At the background, however, the enterprise is subject to embittered boardroom infighting as a raid on assets by a “black knight” named Stanhill, based in Hing Kong, has made increasing takeover offers. It...

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