Starting a community based online magazine for Kyrgyzstan is an expat initiative to create a reliable information platform for the international community in Kyrgyzstan to publish information, write blogs and to promote events. We want to be the english speaking source to find out what’s happening in culture, the restaurant scene, the shopping world and the rest of Bishkek.

Our event calendar strives to be the most comprehensive english speaking reference for your regular event planing. Beyond that we’d like to support you and international initiatives with the visibility to make additional events possible. also want’s to provide a platform for any expat or international activity group to promote themselves and their activity. For this we provide an open wiki as a public knowledge-base and a platform for personal blogs.

We provide

  • the online magazine
  • the platform
  • a free blogspace at
  • the online event calendar
  • an international mailing list
  • For the future we plan: a printed magazine version

Our goal

We want to grow big enough to support a small team of local staff, to maintain the infrastructure, the calendar and our volunteer network, so that knowledge stays accessible and projects stay alive even after the driving expat volunteers ‘rotate’ to another position in another country.
We want this team to be there for newcomers to help them to settled quickly and build their own network fast.

Our Workshop

To move our project forward, we meet on a regular basis to pitch ideas, work together on articles for our wiki, maintain the event calendar and work on new projects.